The incident that changed everyone

I alighted from the car and dragged my feet slowly, staggering towards the direction called home where safety and love were promised as blood trickled down my legs.

Life had just defined itself to me and its proceeds were visible to everyone, my clothes stained and soaked in my own blood.

As I tried to knock the door, it opened and my brothers and mum were at the entrance to receive me, news of the calamity that befell the night before had gotten home, with love and concern showing all over their faces they wrapped me in soft clothes, scooped me in their hands and carried me inside.

In the living room, I met my Father sitting with eyes filled with fury because of the horror that had just happened to his only daughter and how he had failed to protect her, the family doctor was also in the room with some nurses and they were holding what seems like a rape kit. I needed to be examined, samples needed to be collected, a police report will be filed and then the search for those bastards will begin.

I sat on the floor in the bathroom and cried out my eyes allowing the water to wash over me, hoping that it would wash the hands of the men who had touched me without consent, my skin crawled even as I tried to stop myself from remembering, I wondered if I would ever get myself back because I had been violated.

A couple of weeks after that were the worst as I had to relieve the experience at the police station and then sit down with the sketch guy to give a visual representation of how the men who attacked me looked like but my family were around to support me with love even though I had never felt all alone and then gradually it all started coming back.
Growing up was fun especially because I was the only girl, I never had reason to want for anything but neither was I spoilt. My father was one of the richest in the country and this afforded me the opportunity to attend the best schools, go on vacations and hang out with the best of people except for a few restrictions here and there.

Academically, I wasn’t an A+ student, I was more of an AB student and my brothers were fiercely protective of me and with good reasons, though sometimes I would say they go – overboard, so in essence, my life was pretty good.

I wasn’t allowed to visit friends that much and even the couple of people I called friends were vetted by my folks and some background security were probably done on a couple, call what you will, my family did the most but it was called love on this side of the line till everything changed.

It was during the summer period, I had come home from the university for the summer break and was determined to have a good time, I had a couple of vacation spots I wanted to check out like Cape-Verde, some other nice place, some seminars and of course Owanbe parties.

We were one month and two weeks into my summer break when I decided to have a getaway with my friends in one of the coolest places that just recently opened. I informed my father who in turn instructed the security guys to check out the place and make sure it was legit enough for his baby girl. The report checked out all right and since it was not far considering the fact that I will be spending a couple of days with my friends I went on the trip alone without my driver.

The next 5 days were the best of the best with my girlfriends, we turned up and turned out and I was also able to have a little me time. On the fifth day, we had a spa session, talked about life and made plans for the future before we set out to leave the place around 4 pm.
I got into the car with a couple of my friends, said our goodbyes to the rest of the group and drove off.

It was meant to be an hour drive but stretched into another extra hour due to the usual Lagos traffic. I dropped off my friends at their place and then proceeded home. It wasn’t up to 30 minutes right before the bend that opens up to another road leading up to our estate.
I was attacked.

They were 3 in number and their car had suddenly pulled up against mine forcing me to stop, they had guns like the ones you see on tv, I don’t think they knew who I was, they raided my car, went with my belongings and just when they were about to drive off, one of them spoke as he got down from the car, coming towards my direction “See as this babe fresh die, I sure say that medicine wey that baba make for us na legit because we no only see work do, he come add fresh babe join, this one na double portion o”.

I was weak, shaken, torn and had no strength left in me but I fought still but they over-powered me, right there in the back seat of my car they took turns in raping me while the other gaged my mouth as I lay there waiting to die.

I wanted to get up and drive home but I couldn’t so I lay there. Our house was a few miles away across the bend yet I could do nothing, my phones were gone, my belongings carted away and even some car valuables were taken. I cried and begged the God of my Father to bring death quickly even as I waited for whatever was to come next as I drifted off to sleep, I submitted to the pain.

I woke up eventually not sure of the time, I knew my brothers and parents would be worried sick about me, knowing that I was always the one who kept to an appointment and since I didn’t make it home yesterday night I couldn’t imagine the turmoil they were going through.
I lay there weak but gradually gaining strength, I look shrivelled and out of my body and then I had a patrol car coming with their siren blasting, they spotted my car and stopped to check what was wrong with my vehicle and there they found me lying in my own blood.

I was recognized immediately, Zadie the daughter of chief Williams, they called my name to make sure that I was conscious and then they put a call home to inform them, they said they were going to take me to the hospital but I could hear my father over the phone instructing them to bring me home that there will be a team of doctors and nurses waiting for me by the time I got home.

I alighted from the patrol van and staggered towards the direction of the door, I was home now and all I needed to see were the familiar faces of family, yes, life had revealed its true colours to me but I was home now.
That was six months ago and the police were still on the case, my dad was infuriated with the justice system and himself, as powerful and wealthy as he was, he had not been able to protect his baby girl and the police were not even close to catching the culprits.
I had to take a gap year from school to sort out my life, something that wasn’t envisioned when I was making plans for the future, I was meant to be rounding up now and be prepared to move to wall street but here was I in the therapist office waiting for another session to begin, I was mad as hell with life.

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Nevertheless, as I tried to take each day as it comes, my brothers put their ears to the ground and told the security folks who worked with them personally to make their own investigation since the police were slow to come with any positive news. Within a couple of months, the security folks were able to find and trace the location of the boys, the order was to shoot and kill, take pictures as a receipt, dump their bodies where the police can find them and leave their faces intact so that they can be recognized for their crimes.
It was 8 pm on a Friday night and the Christmas period was fast approaching. I sat on the sofa curled up like a ball as we watched the evening news, this was a ritual for my dad and I whenever we were both at home, a ritual that had not happened in months, this time the whole family joined and just as watched, the news was interrupted for a breaking news “ We interrupt this news to announce that the men involved in the assault of Chief William’s daughter have been apprehended, unfortunately, they won’t be able to face the full wrath of the law as they were found dead”.
I sat still as I watched, the living room suddenly became quieter, I was not whether to be relieved or sad, we all knew my brothers had a hand in it because of their connections with the other security folks who had ties with the underworld and so I stood up, climbed the stairs to my room knowing that justice had been served by all means possible.
Finally, everyone could breathe again.
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  1. I wasn’t expecting anything short of excellent. I admire how you pour out your imaginations into beautiful stories that seem like reality itself. Thumbs up Yinkus!!!

  2. It’s sad to say that most rape stories never have this type of ending.
    This a good one.
    Hopefully it could bring some closure and hope to anybody who has had to go through this.
    Amazing piece!

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