I woke up with a jolt one Sunday morning. It was from a sharp pain in my lower back. I knew I was having contractions, but I was ready. Calm even. The pains were sporadic and inconsistent. I’d been expecting the labor pains and I’d done everything I could to get prepared. I really was ready. Or so I thought.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

What is the Sunshine blogger award all about?

It is about recognizing the community of fellow bloggers for their creativity and positivity. I want to specially thank Jesusluvsall’s Blog for nominating me for this award. His blog posts are inspirational and they have been so encouraging to me. I thank God for using him as an instrument in this generation. Kindly check out his blog here.

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5 things to carefully consider before getting married

Let’s talk about Marriage!

Marriage is the union between two different people from different backgrounds coming together to be equal and make up a family. Marriage is a natural institution, and a life long affair.

Growing up, my parents always told me something in Yoruba language. It goes thus: “Ile oko, ile eko” ( meaning Marriage is a school). I remember my mum telling me this everytime she told me to do something and I’d grunt 😄.

My parents always told me marriage is where you learn not to be egotistical, but to be altruistic. They are right!

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