Tomorrow Is Another Day To Be Better

Tomorrow is another day.

Every human being needs to understand that this famous quote, is not just any quote. It is assurance.

As the day ends…

Put your worries to rest. Tomorrow is another day, filled with hope, potential and promise.

-Sue Krebs

There’s a song about tomorrow in the popular movie “Annie”. This song says when you’re stuck in a day that’s gray and lonely, just smile and bet your last dollar that there will be sun tomorrow. I encourage you to listen and read the lyrics here.

The truth is the world today is ridden with depression and anxiety leading to countless suicides everyday. It is so sad that this broken world can be so dim and hopeless at times. There’s bad news on the news everyday. That’s why we have to fight extra hard to rise above it all and protect our joy and peace.

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unsplash.com Nick Owuor

Every tomorrow holds the promise of a brighter day, full of amazing opportunities to be happy, to love and to be loved. You just have to believe it and remain positive about it.

Yes, I know there are numerous reasons why people may want to end their lives, but I reaffirm to you today that no reason is worth the unimaginably great future ahead.

Don’t be blinded by how you feel now, feelings, like fads are fleeting; they don’t last. Things do get better. And if you look harder, you’ll find good news everyday. Surround yourself with positivity. No matter how little. Ensure that something positive comes into and out of your mind every single day!

Today as I was writing, I remembered the days of Blackberry (BB) phones in Nigeria, and I said to myself: “nothing is worth dying for”. That time, many people became “sex-slaves” just to buy a BB. Nothing actually stays in vogue, it’s just a matter of time.

Are you taking your life because you don’t feel loved? The first step to getting out of this, is learning to love yourself. You’re the most important person to you and the world needs you.

If you don’t feel loved, then try to find someone or something to love. It just shows how love is scarce and expensive in the world. Lots of people need love, so be the solution. Spread love!

Always remember this: “Your situation is not the worst and tomorrow is another day to be better”. When tomorrow comes, tell it that you’ve cried your last tears yesterday.

Encourage yourself, get off that couch and do something that makes you happy. Every time you feel yourself falling into that state of self loathing and worry, get up and do something you enjoy!

When you are having a difficult time, surround yourself with compassionate minds. A star like you can not be silenced or made to suffer in silence. If it’s hard to talk because people look up to you, try to speak up nevertheless. Seek therapy. Find your own network of minds who understand.

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Take a lesson from Brother Peter in the Bible when he was sinking to his death. He was a “star” amidst the disciples, he was way “ahead” of them in many ways. People wanted to be like him. But, still, he began to sink! Wow!!! “Peter walked on water” was the major thing that first jumped at me. Jesus thought, “how can such a prospect sink, how can the Master who enabled him to walk on water watch him sink?”, yet, Jesus didn’t do a thing.

And then, the sinking Peter realized he could not help himself in that particular situation and he cried out for help. Jesus reached out and Peter was saved. The point is he wasn’t proud. Sometimes, it’s pride that is our number one enemy, not depression. Is yesterday’s glory making you ashamed of your current level? Don’t be afraid. Remember that greater is He that’s in you than everything in the world. Cry out, no matter the issue! Seek help when you need it, c’est la vie, everyone experiences life.

Always have this in mind when you seek for help:

  • Only God can answer all your questions and meet all your needs. Develop a stronger relationship with Him.
  • Nobody owes you anything. If they help you, be grateful, and if they don’t, it’s okay.
  • You owe no man nothing, apart from your happiness and kindness. Anything you don’t have now, you don’t need.
  • Be real to yourself about your current position, always remind yourself where you want be, and take baby steps towards it.

Be wary of your Mental Health.

You’ve got this!
About the Author

Gbeminiyi Joshua Oyedele is a Business Analyst and a Public Speaker. A fellow of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT, Berlin)
He loves bringing out the best in others as he relentlessly pursues being the very best version of himself possible.
He’s married to the love of his life, Oluwabukunmi Oyedele.

24 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Another Day To Be Better

  1. Great article! Everyday God’s mercies are new and I’m thankful for the hope we have in Jesus. Peter’s story walking out on the water is a perfect example of having faith in our Lord. ❤️

  2. “Every tomorrow holds the promise of a brighter day, full of amazing opportunities to be happy, to love and to be loved. You just have to believe it and remain positive about it”, love this!!

  3. You touched on so many great points. I love when you say nobody owes you anything, as often times people feel entitled. Also, we must make sure our mental health is taken care of just like our physical health. Lastly, I would like to see each day we are born again, it’s what we do today that matters most💗

  4. Such a thoughtful post. Life is worthless without hope. Everyday is filled with God’s fulness and pleasures only if we will open our eyes/hearts to see them. Nothing beats confidence/faith in God.

  5. Only God can answer all our questions and meet all your needs.. it’s all that matters in life
    Thanks to Mr Joshua Oyedele and Mrs Bukola Orry God bless you guys! Amen

  6. I have always thought that the words of my elders “useless life is better than useless death” was stupid, until I began to hear of lots of self-termination happening in the world. I made a short story, ‘Life Is Always Good’ for a reason. No matter how bad we think that life is, there are people who have passed through that process and are still living. Nothing is worth dying for. Thank you Bukola for allowing such an important guest post. ❤

  7. Really enjoyed this post! Reminds me that no matter how hard it gets we can make it through and it only takes little steps forward like getting up and doing something that brings you joy 🌷

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