A simple guide to creating a successful blog

Are you planning to start a blog? Today, I’ll be sharing a simple guide to creating a successful blog.

In 2013, I started a fashion blog, but it didn’t last a year because I wasn’t consistent, and I didn’t even create it because I needed to. But because I saw other people doing it, and I felt I could do it too. Even though I didn’t understand how it really worked.

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VOGUE PARODY: 73 Questions with Bukola Orry.

Vogue’s 73 Questions is a video series on YouTube whereby Vogue asks celebrities 73 questions under 10 minute. Bloggers and Vloggers have also started their own version of this method, which is a way of getting to know fellow bloggers better.

Big thanks to Shawn of LYFEOFSHAWN.BLOG for tagging me. She has an amazing blog and she shares topics I can relate to. Kindly check out her blog.

So today, I will be answering 73 questions and at the end making my nominations for other bloggers.

Let’s dive right into the questions.

1. What’s your usual Starbucks order?

The only Starbucks store in Italy is in Milan which is about 2 hours drive to where I live. I make my espresso and caffè latte coffee at home.

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10 Italian Delicacies You Must Try When You Visit Italy

Forget about the 7 wonders of the world for a minute; come to Italy! From the wonderfully alluring historic buildings to the fantastic food, to the renaissance art laced by culture, Italy is built to thoroughly take your breath away!

If you want to become a respected gastronome, Italy should be your first stop! Today, I’ll be sharing 10 sumptuous Italian foods to try when you visit!

Filled in every nook and cranny with passionate people, Italy is well-known for its cuisine and typical dishes worldwide. Every region and city has its own unique culinary tradition. If you can’t try all these dishes, eat at least one of them.

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