The Unique Bond Between My Siblings And I

Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing? September has been a very busy month for me. I had to take a break from blogging to focus on my children who just resumed school.

So, today I will be sharing a very interesting post on my blog which is about sibling love and support.

I love my siblings! Endlessly.

I grew up in a family where my parents didn’t really get along with their own siblings with all the rivalry. This only made my parents strengthen the bond that my siblings and I shared.

My parents taught us values in friendship, keeping peace and having each other’s backs. Even though we regularly fought, we still kept the peace.

My brother and sister are my best friends! Talking with them is the best thing. Anywhere I go with them is automatically home.

Tolu, my younger sister, and I are two totally different people. Sometimes, the only similarity we have is our intense love for each other.

She is a sharp-minded, very creative and highly intelligent woman. But Tolu can be very blunt with the truth. A quality that I admire so much. She’s hardworking to a fault.

My sister is very kind and thoughtful.

Tayo, my younger brother, is an amazing soul. He could give you his arm and leg even if you didn’t ask. All that mattered is if he felt you needed it.

He is immensely kind and generous. We’re so similar. In fact, when we were younger, Tolu and I would dress him up and wear wigs on him. He was our very own mannequin.

Tayo loves football and everything related to playing football. Oh, and in the event that there’s an emergency, Tayo is the last person you want to call😂😂! I think he doesn’t know what a mobile phone is. He keeps forgetting to charge it or doesn’t remember he forgets it. That’s one of his flaws😅.

With me being the eldest sibling, I oftentimes have the responsibility of settling the ‘Cat and Rat’ squabbles that my siblings seem to enjoy having. They are something else! But they love each other. I’m sure of it.

My mom enjoyed watching us play when we were younger. We were her own Television with all the drama we acted for her eyes only.

When she was sad, we’d act comedy. When she was happy, we’d act more comedy and make her laugh even more. My mom always STILL gets warm compliments for raising us to love and respect each other.

The greatest gifts our parents ever gave us was each other. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly – my siblings have been there with me through it all. They are always there for me and their nieces.

It’s important to have gratitude for the special bond that comes with siblings and to acknowledge the importance of such a lifelong relationship.

So here’s a little reminder. That I love Tolu and Tayo. Till the very ends of the Earth. And then some.

Tayo and Tolu

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Thanks for reading.

39 Replies to “The Unique Bond Between My Siblings And I”

  1. Beautiful post! The pictures are so nice. It’s so wonderful that you and your siblings share a bond that is rooted in love. You’re parents did an amazing job.

    I have 2 older sisters. One 5 years older, the other 9 years older. I grew up with the 9 year older sister. Growing up I was so much younger than her that I think I was a pest. But now she is one of my best friends. She is coming to visit me next month for a week. I’m excited and can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing this great story little sister! 🥰

  2. There is nothing like a sibling. I have one brother that I love and cherish dearly. Regardless of what we go through he is always there. I can see the love in the pictures that you share with your siblings. May God continue to bless you all.

  3. This is so beautiful and yall look like triplets. What a blessing to have siblings that care for one another. You post is inspiring me to have 5 kids..haaahaa..jk. I am excited to have another child. I want to see that sibling love in my house. I lived with different relatives, so my story is a bit complicated. However, my husband and his siblings have a great relationship like you described. It is a beautiful bond!

    1. Lol @ 5 kids😂😂. Your kids’ relationship is going to be different because they have a mother that will shower them with so much love, and also teach them to love each other❤️❤️❤️. Thank you so much for reading dear❤️❤️

  4. Waoo!
    I was aware.
    Same as I and my immediate younger sister no matter the distance though
    I just pray I see her some day.
    God keep you guys in much love ever.

  5. Aww I love this Bukola. I’m the oldest of three. Being the oldest isn’t easy at all but throughout it all, it’s still a blessing. My siblings and I have a good relationship. Being the oldest, when there are disagreements, I have to step in and try to extinguish the fire lol. The pictures of you and your siblings are lovely 🤗

  6. It’s so sweet that you all have such an amazing bond. I have a step sister and growing up we were so close. Now we rarely see each other unless something happens in the family.

  7. Aww aww. I really enjoyed reading this post. Laughed and grinned. 😁

    And the pictures are so lovely and captioned it perfectly.

    Siblings are amazing people. They are just people that stick with you all through.

    I have lots but I remember being the troublesome last born and was always getting into trouble with my dad. But then, we all stick out for each other.

    P.S: I am changed now. Thanks to Holy Spirit. It’s like my vibe for troubling varnished for other positives. 😂😂

    And ya’ll are beautiful people. 😊

  8. You guys look very lovely and cool together and the bond,love radiates through those pictures. Growing up with my sibbling was great fun. I won’t forget – ever fresh. We are six of us, three boys and three girls – papas and mamas. When we’re together, it can be fun, we recall the events of the past and laugh over them. Thanks for this wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it.😊❤

  9. Really enjoyed reading this, almost brought me to tears. I’m no 2 of 3 siblings and we share almost thesame relationship you have with ur siblings. My sis n cousins are my besties. I love family.

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