5 Things you should keep in mind when visiting Italy

It is no news that Italy is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Top 5 at least. Okay. Argue with your keyboard. It is a place of inestimable value for beauty, history and archaeological wealth.

Italy is commonly referred to as “The Boot”, due to the shape of its mainland peninsula.

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It is uniquely recognised for its cultural richness, technological avant-garde, cuisine, fashion and design creativity.

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Italy is beautiful. Period. It attracts millions of tourists every year.

If you’re planning to visit Italy, and you should, there are a lot of very important things you should take note of! Especially in its social customs and tradition. You’ll be amused!

So with that in mind, here are five things [and interesting facts] to keep in mind when visiting Italy.

1. Dress code in sacred places.

Italy has the most beautiful and historic churches in the world. Spectacular!

Many Italian churches contain magnificent and breathtaking works of art. With beautiful paintings and extraordinary architectural structure, Italian churches attract tourists from all over the world.

However, proper dress code must be observed when touring the Vatican city and other churches in the country.

If you do not want to cause a scene, you must avoid wearing shorts, miniskirts, transparent attires, sleeveless tops (you can cover up your shoulders with a shawl).

You have to practically put on clothes that cover your knees.

Also, it is very rude to wear a hat inside the church. So, you will have to remove your hat before entering the church.

2. Italians don’t joke with their lunch break

Italians love lunch breaks and midday siesta.

Many shops, especially in non-touristy towns, close from 1 pm to 4 pm, especially outside the city centre. At that time the Italians return home to have lunch with their family and relax. Do it too!

Shopkeepers usually go home to have lunch with their family. And sometimes take a nap or watch the TV before resuming again in the afternoon. 😂😂😂

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3. Taxi

In Italy, you can’t stop a taxi directly on the street. You have to book a taxi via a radio taxi, an app or go to a taxi stand.

It is important to only take the regular white taxis. You can recognise them by the taxi sign and identification number.

Cab drivers generally start the taximeter from the moment they get the call irrespective of where they are. It will have a few euros on the meter when you get in.

4. Tipping is not necessary

Italians pay their workers a monthly salary for their work. So, you don’t need to tip in Italy.

Leaving a tip oftentimes sends a bad message. In most cases, it can be perceived as being ostentatious.

If you go to a restaurant, the service is already included in the cost of the dishes.

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In the bill, you will be charged the cost of the cover, which the Italians call “coperto”.

The coperto, in short, is the price restaurants charge for the cleaning of crockery, cutlery, tablecloth, napkins and bread.

However, if you find the service pleasant, instead of getting the change, you can tell the waiter to keep it as a tip.

5. Don’t visit only the big cities

Italy is very beautiful. If you have enough time and money😜😜, try to visit other cities, even if they are not big.

Italy is a very charming country, full of natural and architectural beauties. it is full of splendid towns and enchanting villages.

Every region in Italy possesses fascinating hidden places, far from the usual touristy cities. Each city equally has its own unique beauty and story.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know the most beautiful cities you have visited in the world in the comments section!

Have a very happy weekend!

Ciao ciao❤❤

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  1. These are interesting facts! In the US many churches are come as you are…jeans, shorts, tank tops, flip flops lol. Also tipping is the norm, especially at restaurants. Italy sounds so wonderful. I can’t wait to visit one day. I love your pictures! 😊❤️

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