5 things to carefully consider before getting married

Let’s talk about Marriage!

Marriage is the union between two different people from different backgrounds coming together to be equal and make up a family. Marriage is a natural institution, and a life long affair.

Growing up, my parents always told me something in Yoruba language. It goes thus: “Ile oko, ile eko” ( meaning Marriage is a school). I remember my mum telling me this everytime she told me to do something and I’d grunt 😄.

My parents always told me marriage is where you learn not to be egotistical, but to be altruistic. They are right!

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Friendship is a close relationship between two or more people.

In the world we live today, the word friend is taken for granted. People sometimes confuse a friend for an acquaintance, who is someone you recognize by sight or know but you don’t have an intimate relationship with the person. We most times call people our friends without even knowing them deeply.

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