What I eat in summer

Hello dearies and welcome back to my blog.

Today I will be sharing with you what I mostly eat in summer. With the summer heat it is fundamental to have a type of diet to combat high temperatures.

I will confess that I don’t like cooking a lot in summer 🙈 Cooking with excessive heat makes me tired and sweaty in the kitchen, so I try to focus on fresh and light food. Even if I have to cook, it doesn’t have to be food that takes so long to prepare.

In summer we can prepare a lot of delicious and savoury meals without spending hours and hours in the kitchen, but today I’m not sharing any kind of recipe but I’m sharing with you all what I mostly eat in summer.

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Friendship is a close relationship between two or more people.

In the world we live today, the word friend is taken for granted. People sometimes confuse a friend for an acquaintance, who is someone you recognize by sight or know but you don’t have an intimate relationship with the person. We most times call people our friends without even knowing them deeply.

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